Dale Lawrence’s practice is motivated by a broad understanding of art as a fundamental tool of collective communication and the driving force in the evolution of culture. Through his work, Lawrence seeks moments of discovery in repetitive behaviours and phenomena: in craftsmanship and artistic practice; in daily rituals; in familiar histories and language. In this, he seeks disruptions in order to uncover insight into complexities surrounding notions of value, authenticity, labour, creativity, finality and intent.

Lawrence’s practice combines various media such as print, performance, sculpture, installation and text, frequently blurring lines between them. In creating new works by tearing up others that have gone unsold or recreating Kounellis’ Tragedia Civile (1975) from chip packets, Lawrence’s interventions seek to locate the value—and origin—of both an artwork and its maker.

Lawrence is part of the creative studio Hoick. He lives in Cape Town.