The works from this series, a collection of monotypes made during lockdown in South Africa in 2020, aspire to form a sort of time capsule. The art made at a moment in history, when everything presumed known has been thrown into perceived uncertainty, has the potential to provide remarkable insight to future generations into the mindsets of the people of the present. In this instance, at a time when commerce, aspiration, industry pressure, lip service and cynicism have all momentarily vanished, and when the near future is so uncertain that all plans and designs for it have to be abandoned, what endeavours have people found worthy to fill their time? What did you do when your plans were suspended? What happened when things you assumed would happen became impossible? Or irrelevant? What did you do when you suddenly found yourself with time to spare? What did you do with all that uncertainty? Among other things, I made monotypes.

All works ©2020 Dale Lawrence. All rights reserved