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Nameless and Friendless

123 x 180 x 40cm

Two found chairs face each other poised for direct conversation. The positioning of the chairs, without accompanying tables or furnishings, indicates a focused, confrontational engagement of two parties.

The legs of one of the chairs has been cut off and attached below the legs of the other. The adulteration implies a hierarchy, but has the effect of placing both parties in precarious positions: one seated on the floor, the other elevated and with dangling feet.

With the line for conversation so disrupted, could a proper exchange take place here?

“With Nameless and Friendless, Lawrence removes the legs from one found chair and attaches them to the ends of another, making one absurdly tall and the other comically legless. The height difference implies a hierarchy yet both are made precarious and arguably useless by the modifications. Does more chair make a chair not a chair? How much chair can you remove before a chair is not a chair anymore?”

Excerpt from text by Matthew Freemantle