Single, gestural drawings are made impulsively on paper, each failed attempt is stuck over the wet ink of the previous until one is deemed a success. A success is judged as a drawing that is free of my contrivance and control. Something that is beautiful and unique, and feels not entirely of my own doing. Each piece is titled by the number of drawings that form the stack of attempts.

53 Attempts

Indian ink on paper
37 x 30 x 3cm

37 Attempts

Indian ink on paper
34 x 26 x 3cm

63 Attempts

Indian ink on paper
35 x 25 x 3cm

51 Attempts

Indian ink on paper
35 x 27 x 3cm

“In a series titled Attempts, Lawrence shows a stack of Indian ink on paper drawings, each attempt piled on top of the next. The drawings are gestural and impulsive, full of Lawrence’s trademark concerted playfulness. The sum total of these attempts are presented as works in themselves, their finished-ness abrupt and questionable.”

Excerpt from text by Matthew Freemantle