4 Sept.—12 Oct. ’19

Hercules Wrestling with Death for the Large Bathers, 2019

Oil on linen, 175 x 350cm

Work-in-progress: the painting is installed unfinished and worked on through the duration of the exhibition, with an estimated 120 hours of painting time required for completion

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St. Lawrence Handing out the Treasures of the Church, 2019

Oil on photocopier, toner on paper,
110 x 65 x  60cm (prints 42 x 30cm)

An oil painting made in white on the glass of a photocopier becomes a printing plate, turning the photocopier into a printing press. Papers are signed and numbered as an open edition and placed into the print trays. Viewers are invited to activate the photocopier, making their own signed print. Prints are available thoughout the exhibition (first edition concludes 12 Oct. ’19).

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Tragedy of the Rainbow Warriors (after Jannis Kounellis and Francois Pienaar), 2019

Chip packets, side table, brass bowl, Lay’s Lightly Salted chips, shelf, mobile phone, charger, plug, 311 x 322 x 80cm

A remake of Jannis Kounellis’ Tragedia Civile (1975), inspired by the headline of South African newspaper, The Sunday Independent, on 25 Jun. 1995. Instead of Kounellis’ gold leaf and coat rack with overcoat and hat, a bowl of Lay’s Lightly Salted is placed on offer in front of a wall covered in flattened chip packets (of the same). On a shelf, a mobile phone is on charge, noisily receiving an almost constant stream of news updates.

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Seen and Not Seen, 2019

Bathtub, water, soap, cotton towel, cotton bathmat, towel rail, soap dish
155 x 200 x 150cm

Duration: 40 days

A bath, with towel on towel rail, soap and bathmat are installed in the gallery. Every day before the gallery opens, for the duration of the exhibition, the artist has their morning bath. The bather is not seen, but the evidence is there in the form of a ruffled towel, wet mat and dirty bathwater.

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Self-portrait under the Lamp, 2019

Chair, desk, laptop, notebook, pen, coffee, mug, lamp, 400 x 120 x 100cm
Featured at FNB Art Joburg 13—15 Sept
. ’19

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