‘Broken Tools’, a solo exhibition by Dale Lawrence
at Nuweland Gallery, The Netherlands

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Seen and Not Seen, 2019
Performance with bathtub, water, soap, cotton towel, cotton bathmat, towel rail, soap dish, 155 x 200 x 150cm, duration: 39 days

Install a bath in the gallery.
Bathe only there for the duration of the exhibition.
Don’t change the water.
Photograph the bath mat every day.

Tragedy of the Rainbow Warriors (after Jannis Kounellis and Francois Pienaar), 2019
Chip packets, side table, brass bowl, Lay’s Lightly Salted chips, shelf, mobile phone, charger, plug, 311 x 322 x 80cm

An interpretation of ‘Tragedia Civile’ (Kounellis, 1975) made it for a contemporary South African audience and inspired by the promise of Nelson Mandela and the 1995 Rugby World Cup. In place of gold foil, the wall is plastered with empty packets of Lay’s Lightly Salted. The chips are presented as an offering, but no artist’s coat. And rather than the warm glow of a paraffin lamp, a buzzing phone offers notifications of infinite crises.  

Waste Management, 2017
Linocut on paper, monotype on paper, glue

Linocuts and monotypes, taken from my archive, torn into strips and assembled to form a stack.

Rocking Chair, 2016
Linocut on paper

Folding Underwear, Ironing T-shirts, Making Work, 2016
Linocuts on paper